I am passionate about software development. Luckily I have had the opportunity to work on this during both my academic career and "real world" experiences, some of which I have listed below.

I a firm believer on free source, in a github pinned-repositories style, you can find here some of the open sourced projects I have developed or contributed to in the last few years. Some of them are research tools, some are personal projects I have done in my spare time. You can see a full list of open source research software I have been involved with in the research page. I'm also the maintainer of several AUR and conda packages. If you want to get to know me better, you can always look at my vimrc configuration.

I have also written a few tools and webapps to make my life easier, which can be seen below. The full code of this website (server and client side) is also available in github for bots to scrap everyone to see.

Open source projects


An open-source machine learning framework for global analyses of parton distributions. It uses Neural Networks to model the parton-content of the proton.


A framework to automatize the generation and simulation of collision processes at Leading Order targeting hardware accelerators. Built upon VegasFlow, PDFFlow, Madgraph5_aMC@NLO, and TensorFlow


Monte Carlo integration library written in Python and based on the TensorFlow framework. It is developed with a focus on speed and efficiency, enabling researchers to perform very expensive calculation as quick and easy as possible.


Keras models are trained through the usage of optimizers, all of which are Gradient Descent based. This module deals with that shortcoming of Keras implementing several Genetic Algorithms on top of Keras while keeping the main philosophy of the project: it must be easy to prototype.


Tool for distributed computing management geared towards HEP applications.


Simple Telegram bot written en python. The goal of the program is to mantain an active connection between the computer in which the pybliotecario runs and your Telegram account.

Development work

NNLOJETA parton-level monte carlo generator written in Fortran. I have work on the implementation of the Higgs production process through gluon fusion and vector boson fusion. The codebase is mostly private, with an aim of making it public in the future. The code is built so that the computation can easily be distributed among different systems. The implementation of the Vegas algorithm that fuels the integration is based on the code that can be found in this github repository. The distribution of the calculation motivated the creation of the pyHepGrid code which is now also used by other parton-level generators.

familyappFull-stack developer of the familyapp webapp. The start-up created a platform for companies to offer discounts in exchange for donations to NGO. It was featured in the news. The project died out but some of it can still be accessed through the wayback machine.

NNPDFI have led the development of the latest version of the fitting code used by the NNPDF collaboration. The code has been presented in a paper, it is openly accessible at the NNPDF repository and is used for official releases starting in version 4.0. Within the NNPDF collaboration I have also worked on other side projects such as the implementation of Genetic Algorithms in Keras or GPU implementation of observable convolution.


One of the reasons I started this website was to gain some experience with javascript, since it is a very useful language for small projects and utilities. I've written several such utilities (javascript apps running of course entirely in the browser) listed below:

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