In this page you can find some of the higlights of my resume, such as a summary of my past work experiences and tech skills.

In this site you can also find information about my research interests, software projects and teaching experience.

The full sober version of my CV can be downloaded in PDF from here.


Currently I am a senior fellow in the Theory group at CERN. Previously I worked at the physics department of the University of Milano as a postdoctoral researcher in Stefano Forte's group. Under the ERC project N3PDF.

My main line of research is machine learning applied to particle physics. You can find more about it in the research section of this site.

I have also an interest on software development, cybersecurity and system administration, skills that luckily prove useful every now and then in my research or related work.

I did my undergraduate degree in physics in the University of Seville, where I developed an interest for numerical calculations. Afterwards I moved to Valencia's IFIC for a Master in Theoretical Particle Physics where I got acquainted with Monte Carlo parton-level generators during my master's thesis and academic research stays. Beyond the world of research, I have also worked as a full stack developer at FamilyApp, a small startup in Seville.

Before Milan I was at the IPPP of Durham University (UK) where I did my Ph.D. Thesis as part of the Initial Training Network Higgstools on the second order QCD corrections to the Higgs boson VBF production. During my PhD I had the opportunity to work on the Projects and Technology branch of Shell as an intern for three months and to be a visitor at the University of Zurich for another three months.

I have participated in many conferences across the world and organized three editions of the YTF (Young Theorists Forum) held in Durham every Christmas.

Tech skills

Learning new programming languages or more or less useful libraries has been one of my main hobbies for a long time. In fact, I made this webpage because I wanted to learn to use javascript and node (this page is powered by Express). Here I list some of the languages, frameworks and technologies I use in my everyday life and work.


I've worked extensively with Fortran in several projects during my career. It has been the main language in which the program developed during my PhD thesis was written. I have also used fortran in an internship at Shell


Ample experience with C, also in the context of the combination of Fortran and C++ codes


I've worked with C++ at several points of my career. My master thesis Monte Carlo code was written in C++, as well as supporting code for my PhD thesis and at the internship at Shell. I've also been Teaching Assistant for the C++ course of the University of Milano.


Most of my work nowadays is developed using python, be it under the umbrella of the NNPDF collaboration or other research projects such as Vegasflow and evolutionary-keras. The backbone of the familyapp system, in which I worked before starting my PhD was also written using python (using django). I have also some personal projects written in python available in my github.


My experience with javascript is limited to personal projects, such as the server running this webpage (with express) or a small mobile app, using React, to log the spendings of my academic trips.

keras & tensorflow

In my current position I used google's tensorflow in a daily basis. The MC integrator, VegasFlow it is written using the tensorflow library. The n3fit code, on the other hand, driver of the PDF fits for the NNPDF collaboration, is written using the keras library as its backend.

Mathematica, Maple

As a theoretical physicist, I have great experience using algebra libraries


Everybody knows real programmers use vim

Version control

I have ample experience working with VCSs such as git or mercurial

Latex & markdown

To first approximation, the 100% of the documents (slides, papers or resumes) accessible from this website are written using Latex


I have been using Linux from way before it was cool


I have experience using Mac OS machines

GPU computing

Some of my research focus is based on improving the efficiency of numerical calculation. This sometimes requires the usage of GPUs. In particular I have used tensorflow as the driver of GPU computation (as it makes things easier) but also Cuda and Opencl


Spanish: This is my native language.

English: I have lived for four years in Durham (UK). For some examples of my writting you can check my papers or my PhD thesis.

Italian: I have lived for severals year in Milan (Italy) and have teached several courses in the university during this time.